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Involvement of disabled people

The pictures used in these pages indicate close collaboration with disabled people. This is used to continually gain experience and knowledge and to determine solutions which are not covered by the regulations, codes of practice and other guidance.

This advice can also be made available directly to you through:

  • Awareness training for managers and staff
  • User audits of premises and services
  • 'Secret' shopper service to give practical feedback on a service in use

Where possible, this would be arranged with disabled people in your local area. If this is not possible, there is a range of disabled people available from elsewhere.

If this form of service is of interest, initial research would check the availability of appropriate disabled people in your area before any arrangements were made.

Picture of disabled fishermen 
in the. countryside
Disabled people advise on accessible fishing in a countryside area.

Picture of a disabled person
 giving guidance to designers and builders
Consultation between developers and disabled people on a building project.

Picture of disabled people
helping in awareness training
An awareness training session with help from disabled people.

Picture of disabled people
 receiving access audit training
Disabled people receiving access audit training so that they can carry out user audits.

Awareness and Audit Training

Initial disability awareness training sessions can be given to provide background information, break down any barriers with disabled people and to identify potential access improvements.

Sessions typically involve between 12 and 20 staff with up to 4 disabled people participating. The sessions take 3 to 4 hours. After initial explanation of the background to the acts and factors of disability, the staff spend time in small groups talking nto each of the disabled people in turn. The session is then rounded off with questions and a sharing of ideas.

This is training for disabled people and assistants to carry out a general user audit. These can be particularly useful when assessing information on facilities for inclusion in leaflets and brochures.

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