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Oh, OK. So there's no such thing as a free lunch. However, I try to evaluate the size of the project over the phone and give you an estimate of the cost and time required so that you know where you are before you give any approval to proceed.

I am happy to give general guidance or advice over the phone for no charge, even if you aren't going to proceed.

A typical audit of premises like a doctor's surgery can take around five to eight hours. A medium size leisure centre can take around ten to twelve hours. These times include travelling, the site visits and writing up the reports.

My hourly rate is 50 so for those buildings the cost of the audit is between 400 and 600. More complex buildings or sites may need more time on site and, if more distant, may need more travelling time. The hourly rate fee includes disbursements such as:

  • Reasonable traveling costs
  • Printing if required
  • Follow up questions or comments (no extra charge for these)

Also, at present I do not charge VAT, so there are no surprise extras.

Access Statements cost in the order of 400 and can be worked up from drawings within a few hours and sent to you within a couple of days for your Planning or Building Regulation application.

Picture of front of a leisure centre
The audit starts from the approach to a building.

Picture of a leisure centre corridor
The audit considers access from all viewpoints, including for physical and sensory impairments.

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